API Tokens

The API Tokens section of the Settings Page allows admins to generate API tokens with granular access control settings. Admins can also review, edit and delete already existing API tokens.

API tokens allow client applications to access the Replex API.

The following access controls can be configured for each API token:

  • Agent

  • Api Key

  • Billing

  • Budget

  • Cluster

  • Custom Pricing

  • Invitation

  • Organization

  • Recommendations

  • Role

  • Saml Integration

  • Scopes

  • Teams

  • User

Granular permissions are provided for each access control category outlined above.

Create API Token

To create a new API token, click on + Add API Token in the top right of the API Tokens section.

Name the API token and choose the access controls that you want to be a part of that token. Access controls can be turned on/off by clicking on the toggles under each Access Control heading.

Click save to create the new API token. This will create the new API Token.

On the next pop-up screen, make sure you copy the newly created token by clicking on the copy symbol in front of the token text field.

This is the only time the token can be copied. In case of loss you will need to create a new token.

Edit or Remove API Tokens

Admins can edit previously added API Tokens by clicking the edit icon in front of each token.

Previously added API Tokens can be deleted by clicking on the delete icon in front of each token.

Using API Tokens

To use the token to access the API it must be sent as authorization header in every request.

Following a curl example request with the authorization header to get information about the organisation.

curl --location --request GET 'https://replex.replex.io/api/v1/organizations/:OrgID' \
--header 'Authorization: Api-Key <API-Token>'

In Postman this can be configured in the Authorization tab as follows.

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