• Improved team list

  • Improved budget feature

  • Namespace tables get shown before external costs are fully loaded

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  • Added default currency selection to tenant creation form

  • Added utilized and idle costs to namespaces table on the team dashboard

  • Added CPU and RAM recommendation to pods list

  • Added notice to cluster deletion dialog that the cluster ID cannot be reused for new clusters

  • Added consistent blank slates


  • Costs are now displayed in the defaultCurrency of the organization

  • Costs less than one cent will have a tooltip for the exact value

  • Improved currency formatting for input fields

  • Improved cluster list loading time by not loading cluster efficiency via a separate call for each cluster

  • Navigation bar is now scrollable

  • Status column in billing credentials table now shows either Active or Error with the error description in a tooltip


  • Fixed a bug that led to spaces in downloaded CSV file names

  • Fixed NaN values in cost allocation tables and CSV downloads when total cost was 0

  • Fixed false positive infobox for outdated cluster agents

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  • Added tooltip showing the exact value for rounded custom cost values

  • Added option to add custom costs via a total cost value instead of separate CPU and RAM costs

  • Added cloud cost support for labels on team dashboard

  • Added GPU costs to node list, team dashboard and cluster efficiency panel

  • Added settings page for Alibaba billing credentials

  • Added GPU custom costs


  • Cost input fields for custom costs now allow up to 10 decimal places

  • Cost Chart Grid sorting buttons are now on the right-hand side


  • Custom cost CPU and RAM costs were incorrectly labeled "per Core" and "per GB"

  • Changing date range on team dashboard did not update cloud costs

  • Cloud cost error notification was also shown when cloud costs were disabled

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  • Added note regarding comma & semicolon support to custom cost CSV upload dialog

  • Added CSV download when there are more than 100 custom cost entries

  • Added sticky header with breadcrumbs and upper right action items

  • Added "DB Usage" page

  • Added GPU costs to cost allocation tables and bar charts

  • Added clusters and namespaces filter selection to cross cluster namespaces overview

  • Added number of unique nodes in the selected time frame to Kubernetes cluster list


  • The dates in the Budget History panel now mark the end of each period instead of the beginning

  • Bar charts in the Kubernetes dashboards now show PVC and node disk costs separately

  • Changed grouping and filter selection design on Kubernetes dashboards

  • Charts show no line or bar for periods without any data


  • Charts sometimes were not sized properly on initial render in Firefox

  • Donut chart panels on the Kubernetes cluster dashboard were empty for a queued cluster

  • Cost allocation tables failed to load when the cloud cost endpoint returned an error

  • Cluster list showed the update-agent notice when the installed agent is newer than the most recent agent

  • Team stats panel layout was broken when the chart next to it failed to load

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  • Added cloud cost support for namespaces

  • Added 404 handling for all pages

  • Added min, max usage and standard deviation for cpu and ram to pod cost allocation table

  • Added support for time selection on the date range picker


  • List of clusters now displays data for selected date range

  • Load list of cluster namespaces from an optimized endpoint for the filter creation dialog

  • Changed charts y-axes to always start and end with a tick mark

  • Changed a line chart's line to span the whole width of the chart area


  • A redeployment triggered an error page for certain users

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  • Added tooltip showing the total cost for nodes

  • Added pagination controls to the custom cost page

  • Added CSV download to cost the tables on the kubernetes dashboards

  • Added 404 page

  • Added "More" navigation item with links to documentation, support and logout

  • Added "available in" format for current cost on Budgets List

  • Added sorting for cluster column on nodes list

  • Added support for "operating system" and "region" to custom cost


  • Changed navigation icon for Clusters, Namespaces and Nodes

  • Changed breadcrumb position to be further away from the headline

  • Replex logo links to the cluster list

  • Changed the cost in the teams namespace list to singular


  • Filter items did not properly wrap into new lines

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  • Added user scope checks to budgets area

  • Added info in the Current Cost panel, when current cost is not available yet

  • Added option to enable One Way Login if at least one SAML integration exists

  • Added Alibaba cloud icon

  • Added empty state info to Replex panels

  • Added user scope checks to teams area

  • Added API error message handling for API token form inputs

  • Added download button for custom cost example CSV file


  • Changed headline design

  • Changed breadcrumb design

  • Changed date picker design

  • Changed design and position of the context menu for teams and budgets

  • Tabs on the team page are never hidden


  • SAML login links were not shown for single tenancy setups

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  • Added tooltip to private option toggle for teams

  • Added signing cert input for SAML integration


  • Changed pagination design

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  • Added option to sort by idle cost for the cost development tab on cost allocation dashboards

  • Added allocated cost chart to team page

  • Added user scope checks to kubernetes dashboards

  • Added user scope checks to global namespaces list

  • Added user scope checks to global nodes list

  • Added CSV upload option to custom cost settings

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  • Added Replex Agent Setup page to the settings area

  • Added user scope checks to settings area

  • Added option to sort by utilized and idle cost in cost allocation tables

  • Added indicator for private teams

  • Added success notification when a team was set to private or public


  • Changed tenant manager navigation icon

  • Changed navigation design

  • Changed api key scope list to include all possible scopes

  • Sorting cost allocation tables by a column that represents a cost value defaults to descending order

  • Improved scaling behavior of line and bar charts


  • Removed deprecated tenant information from tenant manager

  • Removed page header


  • Team was not saved properly when only the private option changed

  • Login form had the autofocus on the wrong input field in some cases

  • Item count in the Cost Details panel did not update in some cases

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  • Load user scopes from API

  • Added tooltip to cost development charts hinting the associated namespace

  • Added tenant manager


  • Restructured cost allocation tables on kubernetes dashboards

  • Dropdown menus and success messages now use a dark theme

  • Clicking an API token name does not link to its edit page anymore

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  • Update API token scope names

Docker Image:



  • Applied dashboard filters (using OR) are now stored in the URL

  • Added icon on linked panels on cluster overview dashboard to indicate that they are clickable

  • Added the option to make teams private

  • Added cost development chart grid to the cost details section on kubernetes dashboards

  • Added tooltip to labels tab on the teams page explaining total cost calculation


  • Increase time before showing cluster agent inactivity warning to 10 minutes

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  • Added signup page

  • Added Servicebot Portal

  • Added support for a one-time token to auth token exchange on the login page

  • Added SAML integration

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  • Labels list on the teams page shows costs per cluster


  • Names of labels found for only one cluster on the teams page now link to the corresponding kubernetes cost allocation dashboard

  • Highlight pods with a low CPU usage on kubernetes dashboards

  • Clusters that are marked for deletion can no longer be assigned to billing integrations or teams

  • Display workload names in plural on kubernetes dashboards

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  • Added budgets tab to the teams page

  • Added settings area

  • Added billing credentials settings

  • Added custom cost settings

  • Added API tokens settings

  • Added number of items to the selection dropdown in the third level kubernetes cost allocation dashboard

  • Clicking (+X) in the labels and namespaces list for a team expands the children


  • Valid input fields have no green styling anymore

  • Kubernetes cost allocation dashboards now support multiple filters

  • The button to delete a cluster can now be found on the cluster overview dashboard

  • Sidebar entries are now grouped and visually separated

  • The bar chart for the budget history now supports varying budget amounts for budgets of type "previous month's cost"

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  • Added icons in budget overview list to differentiate between cluster-based and team-based budgets

  • Added overview panel to team page

  • List groups can also be expanded by clicking on the shortened children list


  • Font size in charts were not scaled properly in Firefox

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  • Added Budgets feature

Docker Image:



  • Include link to the agent changelog in the outdated agent tooltip


  • Include disk cost into all storage cost values



  • Include idle cost in pod cost allocation list and show breakdown on hover tooltip



  • Require password fields on account setup to be filled out



  • Added Teams feature

  • Added list of ownerless pods

  • Added cross-cluster detail page for namespaces

  • Added "Resend Invite" button to invitations list

  • Added "Copy Invite Link" button to invitations list

  • Added node name to pod list

  • Added underutilization indicators to node list

  • Added indicator for outdated Replex-Agent in cluster list

  • Added indicator for when Replex-Agent did not report within the last 5 minutes


  • Include Idle cost in charts

  • Adjust cluster deletion text

  • Replace default namespace icon with cloud provider icon in namespace lists


  • Spinner on users list stayed forever when no user exists

  • Charts showed error when data was empty

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