The Users section provides an overview of all the admins or users with access to the account. Admins can quickly review existing roles and privileges, add and remove Users or change existing privileges.

Each member can be associated with one of two Roles:

  • Admin

    • Has full access within organization

  • User

    • Has View Access within organization

Add new Admins or Users

To add new users or admins first navigate to the Users section of the Settings page. The Settings page can be accessed in the left hand panel of the Replex UI.

Click on + Invite People in the top right corner of the Users section.

On the next screen enter the First and Last Name of the new user or admin, their Email address and the associated Role. Click on Send Invitations. The new users/admin will receive an email with instructions on how to setup their account.

Add Multiple Users

Admins can also add multiple Users at once. To do this click on add multiple people at once from the Invite People screen. On the next screen add multiple comma separated email addresses to invite new users in bulk.

Edit and Remove Users

Admins can edit User information as well as the roles or privileges associated with them by clicking the edit icon in front of each User.

Users can be removed right from the edit screen above or by clicking the delete icon in front of each User.

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