Namespace Dashboard

The Namespace Dashboard provides detailed cost metrics for each Namespace.

The cost metrics provided for each Namespace include the Utilized Cost for each individual Kubernetes resource in the namespace (CPU, RAM, Storage), the Idle Cost (both as an absolute $ figure as well as a percentage) and the Total Cost of the Namespace.

The Namespace Dashboard also outlines the External Cost for each namespace.

Each metric is provided for a specific timeframe which can be chosen in the date picker in the top right of the screen.

Namespace Dashboard Filters

The namespace dashboard can be filtered using the Filter by clusters or namespaces field in the top left of the screen.

The following filters can be applied to the namespace dashboard:

  • Display metrics for individual namespaces or groups of namespaces

  • Display metrics for namespaces belonging to an individual cluster or group of clusters

  • And a combination of both

Cross-Cluster vs Single Cluster Namespaces

Most Kubernetes environments have multiple clusters with namespaces spanning across clusters or simply with the same naming convention.

Cross-cluster namespaces can be differentiated by the arrow preceding the namespace name. Single cluster namespaces do not have the arrow preceding it.

In the screenshot below, replex and replex-ns are cross-cluster namespaces, while dev_namespace is a single cluster namespace.

In case a Namespace spans across multiple clusters, Replex will aggregate the cost metrics for all the resources that belong to that namespace in all clusters.

Per cluster metrics for that namespace can be viewed by clicking on the arrow preceding each namespace name.

The screenshot above outlines cost metrics for the replex namespace across all clusters including replex-1, replex-gke and replex- eks etc.

Detailed Namespace View

Clicking on a single cluster namespace will take you to the Detailed Namespace View. Read more about the charts and metrics provided on the detailed namespace view here.

Detailed Cross-Cluster Namespace View

Clicking on a cross-cluster namespace will take you to the Detailed Cross Cluster Namespace View.

The Detailed Cross-Cluster Namespace View outlines aggregated metics for all instances of that namespace across all clusters.

The Cost Overview section of the Detailed Cross-Cluster Namespace View outlines the aggregated Total Cost of that namespace as well as the Utilized Cost for RAM, CPU and Storage for all instances of that namespace.

It also provides the Idle Cost of that cross-cluster namespace both as an absolute $ number as well as a percentage.

Finally, the Cost Overview section also outlines the External Cost of that cross-cluster namespace.

The Detailed Cross-Cluster Namespace View also provides a cost breakdown for individual out of cluster resources allocated to the cross-cluster namespace. It outlines both the Resource Type as well as its cost for the time period chosen.

Cost breakdowns for external resources (out of cluster resources) can be viewed by clicking on Show External Resources.

In the section below the Cost Overview, the Detailed Cross-Cluster Namespace View outlines all instances of the namespace across all clusters as well as the cost metrics associated with each instance.

Next, on the Detailed Cross-Cluster Namespace View are two charts: Allocated Cost Combined and Allocated Cost Detailed.

Allocated Cost Combined is a cost progression chart for that instances of that namespace for the entire duration chosen.

The Allocated Cost Detailed chart dynamically groups the costs of the cross-cluster namespace on a weekly, daily or hourly basis, based on the duration chosen.

The individual bars representing total cross-cluster namespace costs are broken down into RAM, CPU, PVC and Node Disk Costs, for a more informative and easy-to-understand cost analysis.

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