Teams Dashboard

The Teams Dashboard provides detailed cost and resource metrics for each Team with access to the cluster.

The metrics provided include the number of the following resources owned by each team:

  • Namespaces

  • Pods

The Teams Dashboard also outlines the Cost for Last 30 Days incurred by each team. Cost for Last 30 Days represents the cost of all Kubernetes resources owned by the team for the last 30 days.

Detailed Team View

Clicking on a team name will take you to the Detailed Team View.

The Detailed Team View outlines the Idle Cost, Utilized Cost, External Cost and Total Cost of the team along-with the total number of team Members and Pods owned.

These metrics are provided for the time frame chosen using the date picker in the top right.

The Allocated Cost chart graphs total costs for that team across the entire duration chosen.

The Detailed Team View also provides information about the Clusters, Namespaces and Labels owned by the team.

Users can also review the Budgets and External Costs of that Team by clicking on the Budgets or External tabs respectively.

The External tab provides a breakdown of external resources allocated to that team by Type and Cost.

Add New Teams

Cluster Admins can also create new teams using the Teams Dashboard .

To create a new team, click on Create Team + in the top right corner of the dashboard. A new window will pop up, asking you to enter the name of the team.

Enter a team name and click Create Team. This will create a new team, however there are no team members or resources in this newly created team.

To add resources and members to the newly created team click on Setup Team. The next screen allows you to add members to the newly created team.

Use the search box to search for members that are already part of your organisation on Replex, tick the checkbox next to their names and click on Next Step to proceed.

On the next screen you can add Kubernetes resources to the newly created team. Three types of resources can be added to the team:

  • Clusters

  • Namespaces

  • Labels

Choose the clusters, Namespaces and Labels that you want to add to the team, using the search box below each resource.

Click on Finish Setup. This will create the new team and will also add the members and Kubernetes resources you chose to it.

The newly created team will show up on the Teams Dashboard where you can view the Kubernetes resources associated with it as well as its Total Monthly Cost.

Edit Team

Admins can edit Teams by clicking on the arrow next to the team name from the Detailed Team View and choosing Edit Team.

The next screen allows Admins to edit the Team Name, change privacy settings for the team and add or remove members.

Manage Team Resources

To add or remove resources owned by a team click on the arrow next to the team name from the Detailed Team View and choose Manage Resources.

On the next screen, Admins can add or remove resources (Clusters, Namespaces, Labels) associated with a Team.

Remove Team

Admins can also remove teams completely from the edit team screen by clicking on Delete Team in the top right.

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